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Transportation Activism

Join your local bicycle-activist group.

Visit the Carbusters Website.

Check Google's Car-Free directory for other Web resources.

Check Google's Transportation Activism directory for other Web resources.

Visit the online magazine CarFree Times

Substance Use and Abuse Information and Activism

Our friends at The Detroit Project by Americans for Fuel Efficient Cars have produced a series of informative television spots

Read an article about "The Role Of SUVs In The Terrorism Problem"

There is an International Recovery Organization devoted to helping the petroleum-dependent to overcome their crippling addiction.

Join DanceSafe and help make nightlife safer for everyone.

Get information about psychoactive substances from Erowid or The Lycaeum.

Visit the Website of the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws.

The Drug Policy Alliance

Check Google's War_on_Drugs directory.

Blood for Oil?

Women's International League for Peace and Freedom



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